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1900 C/D 5 Blade Composite Propellers - AMK Aviation
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High Performance. Low Noise.
The new 1900 C/D five bladed Whisper Prop® is the smallest diameter, quietest and the most advanced composite propeller on the market. The Whisper Prop® is constructed with a natural composite core that is covered with carbon and fiberglass skins. The composite core reduces the vibration by more than 50% and decreases the overall wear and cost of operation, including repairs, compared to the foam core composite blade that is standard on the aircraft. Each blade is finished with a nickel cobalt leading edge providing unsurpassed erosion and damage resistance. The Beech 1900 C/D Whisper Prop® is manufactured by MT Propeller, the world’s most innovative aircraft propeller company.

EASA & Transport Canada Certified. FAA Certification Coming End of Year.

-Unlimited Blade Life
-Field Repairable Blades
-Shorter Blade Diameter
-Dramatic Reduction in Noise and Vibration
-Reduced Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Occurrence
-Nickel-Cobalt Leading Edge Protection – Toughest Available
-Lower Maintenance Costs
-No Ground RPM Limitations No Intermediate Inspections Needed
-Improved Take-Off Performance
-No Costly ADs

Available exclusively through AMK Aviation Inc. Contact us today