BLR Aerospace

BLR Aerospace exclusively develops products of the highest technical caliber and only puts their name on products that deliver a true and quantifiable step change in performance.

Founded in 1992, BLR has a rich heritage and proud legacy of aerodynamic leadership.


Whisper props

Make every flight a great flight with the Whisper Prop® propeller system.

Whisper Prop is a five-blade, small diameter, carbon fiber propeller with a natural composite core for superior noise dampening. Developed in conjunction with MT-Propeller, the BLR Aerospace Whisper Prop incorporates advanced computer design to deliver an ultra-lightweight result.

Installing Whisper Prop on your King Air will enhance performance and send cabin comfort soaring with unprecedented levels of quiet and a smooth, low-vibration flying experience. A smaller diameter equates to greater ground clearance, reduced vacuum effect, and less resulting FOD.

BLR offers solutions for  Beechcraft King Air Series and Beechcraft 1900 series among others.