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Home - AMK Aviation

Your Propeller Experts

We offer world-wide services and Solutions

AMK Aviation is a world leader in Propeller Overhauls, Repairs and upgrades that include MT Propeller, BLR Aerospace, Raisbeck Engineering, Hartzell Propeller, McCauley, Dowty. AMK Aviation Also Provides Blackhawk Aerospace Engine Upgrades for many aircraft Types. AMK Aviation works with our customers to provide the best possible options for there needs.

Our Services

Propeller Repairs and Overhauls

Well-trained technicians are capable of all kinds of repairs and non-destructive testing, with a

Propeller Upgrades and Sales

We are distributers and the service Center for  MT-Propeller, offer propellers from many other

Engine and Other Aircraft Upgrades

As a Blackhawk Aerospace and Raisbeck Engineering dealer and install centre, we can tackle


We provide a wide range of programs and options for our existing clients, which


We offer factory-approved in-house training on MT propellers for assembly, disassembly and infield blade

Expert Advice

100 years of combined propeller experience and 8 dealerships are available to you.

About AMK Aviation

Propeller Experts

Founded in 2012, AMK Aviation Inc. brought together a team of enthusiastic aviation experts who had a clear vision. Now AMK has grown into a business with a worldwide client base, catering to all kinds of operations, such as regional airlines and the military.

World Wide Service Provider

We cater to clients from all over the world and work with a wide variety of suppliers from all over the world.

A strong team

Our varied team of aviation experts consists of licensed Aircraft Engineers, Machinists, Trainers, Quality Assurance Managers, technicians and Sales representatives. With all our specialties we can help you tackle problems from multiple directions.

We deliver

Chances are you may need us when it is crunch time. You don't need to find out how your new or overhauled prop needs to reach its destination. We will do that for you.


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